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How Different Life Would Be If You Were Loved By a Friesian...

Starlit Ridge Farm is a small family-run farm located in the Rio Verde Foothills, Scottsdale, Arizona.  We specialize in hand-raised Friesians from Ster mares with exceptional temperaments and bloodlines. We only breed top quality, full-papered Ster mares.

Starlit Ridge Farm is built on the idea that all horses are individual and need special treatment.  Our farm is family-run which allows for the special attention every horse requires.  Our horses are part of our family.



Explanation of Friesian Horse Registries Jul 31, 2019

   Susan Gear Porter demistifies the Friesian horse registries

Drogo of Starlitridge Heads to Iowa to Make His New Home! Sep 25, 2018

 Drogo of Starlitridge will be making his new home in Adel, Iowa with Sara and Karl Doll.  He'll be joining his cousin Areas.  We couldn't be happier for all.  What a great home!

Valerie participates in Bene' ABFP Offspring Testing Sep 25, 2018

 Valerie spent 8 weeks with Wim and Marjan Cazemier in Indiana preparing for the Bene' ABFP offspring testing.  Valerie showed beautifully under carriage, showed exceptional work ethic and stall manners.  We are extremely proud of her.

Starlit Ridge Farm Relocates to Arizona Apr 15, 2017

 Starlit Ridge Friesians relocates to Arizona!  We are now located at the base of the Superstition Mountains near Gold Canyon, Arizona!

Bene 476 - Friesian Stallion Keuring 2017 - Second in the World! Jan 16, 2017

Highlights from Friesian Championship of Each Year Jan 18, 2017

Zytske and Wybren Announce the Birth of Their New Son - Ares of Starlit Ridge Mar 27, 2016

 Ares is a full-papered colt out of Zytske W of Starlit Ridge by Wybren 464.

The beautiful Ciska is pregnant! Sep 9, 2016

 We are pleased to announce that our beautiful, full-papered Ster mare is pregnant to Sape 381!  We are expecting a fourth of July 2017 foal!

Alanna Clapp at the Pomegranate Cafe Sep 9, 2016

Alanna Clapp, Head Pastry Chef  at the Pomegranate Cafe -

Zytske Places Third of All Mares at Kansas Keur Oct 3, 2014

 Zytske of Starlit Ridge Friesians placed third of all mares at the Baldwin City, Kansas keur on October 1.  She looked amazing.  Huge thanks to Signature Friesians for all their hard work with Zytske to prepare her for the big day!

Zeppelin of Starlit Ridge Receives Equestrian Breed Award! Feb 8, 2016

 Zeppelin of Starlit Ridge has received the Maine Equestrian Breed Award for excellence in breed. Zeppelin was ridden by owner Joanne Cabot  earning a 64.237% at Training and 1st Level!

Zytske in foal to Wybren 464! Jan 25, 2016

 Zytske has been bred to Wybren 464.  She is expecting at the end of March.  Contact us for details about this baby!

Zeppelin's in the Movies! Nov 1, 2014

 Zeppelin filming for the movie Falcyyr!  Follow the movie at:


Congratulations to Jody and Zeppelin Cabot (nee Clapp) Aug 18, 2014

 Jody and Zeppelin scored a 66% on the Intro A Test and a 62% on the Intro B Test. Jody has now achieved four qualifying scores toward her Maine Dressage Society Bronze Medal! They are now moving on to training level! Congratulations!

Birth Announcement! May 2, 2014

 Starlit Ridge Friesians announces the birth of Tiberius!  He was born on  May 2, 2014.  His Mom is the beautiful Full-Papered Ster (Champion of her keur in Holland) Mare, Ciska fan de Amblahoeve and Dad is the approved Dutch Stallion Michiel 442. 

Tiberius is available for sale.  Please contact us about this exceptional baby!


Starlit Ridge Farm Relocates to Saint Charles, Iowa! Jan 1, 2014

 Starlit Ridge Friesians is now located in Madison County, Saint Charles, Iowa.  We are excited about all the new possibilities on our new farm!

Alanna Clapp Graduates from Hartford Central School! Jun 24, 2013

 Alanna Rosebud Clapp, the youngest of the Clapp clan, graduated from Hartford Central School on June 21.  Graduation is always a major accomplishment but for Alanna, it was even more so.  Alanna combined her junior and senior year and graduated one year early!

Read Alanna's story at

Alanna has been accepted at the Cordon Bleu in Minneapolis.  She starts college July 8.  Congratulations Alanna!

Spring Arrives at Starlit Ridge! May 10, 2013

 The apple, cherry, and lilac bushes are starting to bloom.  We are already gathering asparagus from the garden, and the spring flowers are amazing!

Femke's daughter, Riduna, is awarded Model Title! Oct 14, 2012

At the Baldwin City, Kansas, keur, Riduna fan Signature Friesians, daughter of Femke Fiduna, received the coveted Model Title!  Little sister, Naiya, has big shoes to fill!

Eyes Wide Shutter Visits Starlit Ridge Oct 7, 2012

It was our pleasure to welcome Marlene Noonan of Eyes Wide Shutter to Starlit Ridge Farm for Alanna's senior pictures.  Marlene is a professional photographer located in Saratoga Springs, New York.  We were thrilled with the results.  We will be featuring Marlene's photos on our slide show.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Healing Honey! Aug 10, 2012

If you like using natural products on your horse's cuts and scrapes, consider honey. Dr. Juliet Getty ( an equine nutritionist, recommends raw honey as a topical first aid due to its antimicrobial properties. In raw honey, the enzymes are still active, and because of its high sugar content and low pH, honey kills microbes by making the environment more acidic, while also drawing water out of the cells!


An Interview with Clay Maier Jul 22, 2012

Clay very clearly describes how to get started in long reins and later in the interview, talks in detail about how to get your horse to develop a topline and WHY you would want to do that. For drivers, this is a way to get your horse to begin to stretch down and be prepared to do the "stretching circle" as required in one of the Prelim tests. For riders, it is essential for developing a balanced horse who carries himself and will have a lifetime of good skeletal health with a strong back not to mention a horse that is supple and responsive to the aids. Oh yeah - and happy because he feels good!  Well worth the time to watch this!

If this makes you yearn for a Clay Maier clinic, just ask.  It can be arranged!

The KFPS Friesian Horse - A Horse Like No Other Jun 21, 2012

Enjoy this fabulous You Tube video of the versatile KFSP Friesian Horse!

Cally Matherly video played at the Stallion Show Jan 30, 2012

 Cally Matherly's video - was played at the Stallion Show earlier this month.

Wobke (a.k.a. Diesel) at Clay Maier Clinic Jan 18, 2012

Wobke of Starlit Ridge Friesians (driven), owned by Meredith and Jere Russo, with buddy, Xenon (ridden), practicing tandem driving/riding at a Clay Maier clinic. 

There's a new girl in town! Sep 15, 2011

Starlit Ridge welcomes Femke Fiduna F. (Tsjerk P x Oege P X Tjimme)- 1st premie, full-papered champion mare, from the finest portion of Stam LIne 50. 9 generations of preferent, 10 generations of ster or higher! 

 Femke Fiduna is in foal to Sape for a spring 2012 foal!


Starlit Ridge Friesians Participates in Cornell Research Project Jul 12, 2011

Starlit Ridge Friesians is participating in a research project being conducted by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. For more information, contact Molly at



Starlit Ridge Friesians at Granville Large Animal Veterinary Service Open House Jul 12, 2011

Albert, Tynke, and some of the Stargazer Goats were participants in the Granville Large Animal Veterinary Service Open house at their new location. 



Ashton Clapp has graduated from Cazenovia College in Cazenovia, NY, with a bachelors in professional studies specializing in Equine Business Management and Reproduction.

Ashton has accepted a position with the Granville Large Animal Veterinary Service in Granville, NY.  She is very excited to begin her new career!  Congratulations Ashton.  All your hard work and dedication has paid off!

Wobke (a.k.a. Diesel) in the Green Team Tandem Team May 18, 2011

Meredith Commons riding Xenon and leader, Wobke (a.k.a. Diesel).  Lois Smith riding Rein and leader Dark Tjeert at Clay Maier Clinic  - May 2011

KEUR RESULTS Oct 21, 2010

Congratulations to Zytske, Wobke, and Zeppelin.  What a fantastic day at the Pepperell, MA keur. 

Zytske received her coveted Ster status!  Wobke was moved into the studbook! Zeppelin was moved into the studbook with a 3rd premie rating!

We are so proud of you all.  Your behavior was exemplary especially for being just three years old under such stressful conditions.  We love you all!

Zeppelin, Zytske, and Wobke Turn 3! Apr 22, 2010

Zeppelin, Zytske, and Wobke (the Three Musketeers) were born April 23, 24, and 25, 2007!  They are turning 3.  Great things are expected of them!

Zytske is headed for training at Seacoast Farm In Maine.  She will be there until the keur in October.

Zeppelin will also be preparing for the keur.  Watch a video on Zeppelin's amazing progress.

Wobke will also begin his training next month and is also expected to attend the keur. 

Watch for their progress.  It's going to be a great keur!

FHANA Announces 2010 FHANA/KFPS Keuring Schedule Mar 7, 2010

The following dates have been finalized for the upcoming 2010 Keurings. Site locations are still being finalized. Please watch the FHANA website for Keuring applications and updates for all site locations.

Spencerville, Ontario Sept. 20, 2010
Woodstock, Ontario Sept. 21 & 22, 2010
Olds, Alberta Sept. 24, 2010
Chilliwack, British Columbia Sept. 25, 2010

Western United States:
Wisconsin Sept. 17 & 18, 2010
Kansas Sept. 20, 2010
Colorado Sept. 22, 2010
Texas Sept. 24, 2010
Arizona Sept. 25, 2010
Santa Rosa, CA Sept. 27, 2010
Washington Sept. 28, 2010
Hanford, CA Sept. 29 & 30, 2010
Pomona, CA Oct. 1 & 2, 2010

Eastern United States:
Hastings, MI Sept. 28 & 29, 2010
Ohio Oct. 1, 2010
Coatesville, PA Oct. 12, 2010
Virginia Oct. 4, 2010
North Carolina Oct. 5, 2010
Tennessee Oct. 7, 2010
Florida Oct. 9, 2010
Massachusettes Oct. 11, 2010


Only one week left until the keur!  The keur is scheduled for Monday, October 11, at Ten Broek Farm, One Old Farm Lane, Pepperell, MA.  Judging starts promptly at 8:00 a.m.  With nearly 40 horses to be judged, it should be an exciting day!

Best of luck to Wobke, Zeppelin, and Zytske!

Starlit Ridge Friesians Wins Website Subscription Dec 7, 2009

Starlit Ridge Farm has won a one-year subscription for a website!

We are so pleased to have won the subscription.  We have been working with for the past several weeks creating an exciting new website.    We are looking forward to  your thoughts and comments on the new site.

We would personally like to thank Beckie LaSalle for all her help during the creation of the new site.  She has been a wonderful resource for information and has been professional, knowledgeable, and courteous throughout the process even though our questions are sometimes on nights and weekends!  Thank you Beckie.

House of Friesians to Carry Olympic Torch Dec 3, 2009

With the 2010 Olympic Games quickly approaching in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Gerard Paagman and his House of Friesians have been asked to help bring the Olympic torch to Vancouver. On January 22nd, 2010, Gerard using his sleigh and four in hand star gelding Friesians will bring the Olympic torch across Lake Windermere, British Columbia.


Friesian Horse Documentary Feb 26, 2016

 History of the Friesian Horse - Animal Planet - 2016 Watch on You Tube:

FHANA - Friesian Horse Association of North America

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