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Valerie in training

Valerie fan Signature Friesians

Valerie fan Signature Friesians was born on April 16, 2014.  Valerie is a full-papered Stam Line 50 mare - Doaitsen x Bene.

Her Mom was the Model Mare, Riduna fan Signature Friesians!  Riduna ranked 7th in Highest Breeding Values from all mares in the entire world entering the Studbook in 2008!  This mare was a 5x 1st Premium mare (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012). She stems from Stamline 50 going back to the Model+Pref mare Namk (S+SP+SP/Prestm+SP+MP+MP). She also had very high exterior breeding values of 103 racial type, 105 Build, 105 Legs and Feet, 107 walk and 110 for the trot.  As a 3 year old she received a 9 for the trot! She was the reserve champion of the 1 and 2 year olds at the Fryske Hynder inspection in Friesland (2007), one of the oldest most prestigious keurings in Holland.

Valerie's Grandma was the amazing Femke Fiduna F. - Tsjerk P X Oege P X Tjimme - 16 hand, 1st premie, full-papered, Champion Ster mare.

9 generations of preferent, 10 generations of Ster or higher.

SP+S2xP+SP+MP+MP+SP+MP+MP. Her motherline goes back to the Model Preferent mare, Marianne. Femke's Mom was the full sister to Anton 343!

Valerie has exceptional conformation and movement.  She also has a heart-of-gold personality.  Her nickname is "Babydoll".  She would rather be with people than the other horses.

We are so excited to have Valerie here at Starlit Ridge Friesians. We see a very bright future for her. She is a stunner!


Valerie and Mom - Riduna fan Signature Friesians - Model Mare
Daddy! Bene 476 Rated #2 Stallion in the Friesian World!
Riduna - Model Mare - MUM!
Riduna - Model Mare - MUM!

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