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Tynke fan Lutke Peinjum

Tynke is a Ster mare by Piter 312 out of Ster Prefferent mare Giduna. She is a descendent of the well-known and sought after mare line, Stam 50. Tynke is generation 13. Her line is SP-SP-SP-SP-MP-MP-SP-MP-MP!

Congratulations to Giduna, ster, on making Preferent!!!

Tynke and Sytse 385 of Iron Spring Farms produced a handsome boy on April 25, 2007, Wobke. Wobke is now residing at his new home in Kentucky!   Wobke shows great promise as a dressage as well as driving horse.  

Fonger, Tynke's half brother by Giduna and approved stallion, Sape, made it to the final round of the approved-stallion testing. He is now competing in Canada under the name Lutke. Lutke just returned from the Beijing Paralympics. The Canadian team moved up to 7th in the World! 

Tynke has produced four impressive foals, two of which received Reserve Champion status at their foal Keurs.

 Famous horses from this line include Rouke 155, Fokke 217, Walter 282, Doeke 287, Barteld 292, Jacob 302, Anton 343, Brandus 345, and Warn 335. Anton is Tynke's great uncle. Tynke's grandmother, Riduna (S+P), (Oege x Tjimme) is a full sister to Anton!!  Iduna (Riduna's mom) is Anton's mom.

Stam Line 50 is known for fertility, great minds, and good show horses. They are friendly horses to work with and show good disposition.

 This is a consistent line that produces outstanding offspring. Fiduna Ster and JonkfrauSter show the incredible strength of this mare line.

Several of the mares from this line have superior performance records too, like Widuna Ster who competed at 4th level dressage.

 The mares in this line are phenomenal!

Giduna, Tynke's mother, is Ster Preferent. Giduna's full sister Liduna is also Ster. Riduna, Tynke's granddam is Ster Preferant and two of her sisters are Ster. Iduna is Riduna's dam and it is obvious why she received both Ster and Preferrant predicates as she has had at least four ster quality offspring as did her mother, Penni, before her.





Tynke fan Lutke Peinjum - full-papered Ster mare

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