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Zytske, Wanderer of Starlit Ridge

Zytske is a full-papered mare out of our first-premie ster mare, Godiva.  Godiva is out of Titia M., a three-time first-premie Ster mare, and the approved stallion Teunis 332. 

April 23, Zytske's birthday, just happened to be Ashton's 18th birthday!  Zytske will be making her home at Starlit Ridge.

Zytske was the third top ranking mare at the 2014 keur!  She has unbelievable movement.  She is brazen and bold - independent and ready to take on the world.  She is a girl with an incredible work ethic and more than a bit of attitude.    She is ready to take on the world! Watch for more from Zytske.


Zytske at the Pepperell, MA, FPS keur working to receive her Ster status!





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