Starlit Ridge Farm was started in the mountains of rural Vermont with sheep. Yes, sheep, goats and llamas were the first animals on the farm.  We wanted a lifestyle where we were outside doing things as a family and you can't find a better way than with a farm. 

Of course, it did not take long for the farm to expand with two rescued Standardbred trotters from the track. We learned a lot from these boys and were officially hooked on horses.  One night after a long day, we sat down and watched LadyHawke (great movie if you haven't seen it!) and the fated comment of "What kind of horse is that?" started a lifelong passion for the amazing Friesian horse. 

We are so glad you're here!

The farm originally started in rural Vermont, then life and work resulted in a move to St.  Charles, Iowa.  In Iowa, we grew the farm to eight Friesians and one miniature driving horse.   While we loved Iowa, at this point most of our family had relocated to Arizona (for the warmer weather mostly). So, we may the decision to move our horses to Arizona and love it! No more snow. No more shoveling or chipping ice out of buckets. 

From Vermont to Iowa to Arizona


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Apple wafers

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red wine every night!

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