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The rules of FHANA strongly discourage the breeding of KFPS registered Friesian horses with other breeds.

Is cross breeding allowed?

When a mare or gelding enters the adult studbook, the best 25 to 30% are awarded “Star” status. This designation appears on the horse’s registration certificate. The very, very best of the Star Mares can be awarded the designation of “Model”. Mares can receive the designation preferent (“Preferred”), if four of their offspring achieve star status or better. And mares with three offspring performing at the top levels in competitive sport can receive the designation of prestatie, or “Performance Mother”.

What is a “ster”?

Friesian horses are very versatile and can be used in riding for pleasure and in competition, for dressage, driving for pleasure and in competition and even for light farm work. Unlike some other European warmbloods, Friesians have not been bred as jumpers, although some owners enjoy jumping their horses. 

What can I use a Friesian for?

Friesian horses originated in Friesland—a province of The Netherlands (Holland). The Friesian horse, one of Europe’s oldest breeds, was originally imported to North America in the seventeenth century but the breed was totally lost in North America due to crossbreeding. The Friesian was not reintroduced to North America until 1974.

Where did Friesians come from?

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