• 16.1 hands
• Grand Champion Ster Mare
• Stam line 78
• 2.93% Inbreeding Coefficient

Doaitsen 420 X Onne 376

Ciska is a amazingly talented mare. She is very well trained to both ride dressage and trails AND drive. She is lead horse and can drive four in hand, pair, or single. She is a tremendous mover with classic Friesian looks and really amazing cadence to her gaits. She has outstanding power from behind and natural elasticity and balance.

 She has no vices whatsoever and is a dream to work with on the ground, gets along well with othe horses, and is one of the nicest mares under saddle. She has a kind, gentle willing temperament.

Ciska fan de Amblahoeve

Ciska just had a filly by Meinte 490 sport!

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Baby 2021
(Meinte 490 x Doaitsen 420)

(sape 381 x Doaitsen 420)

(MICHIEL 442 x Doaitsen 420)

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