• 16.1 hands
• Full Papered Ster Mare
• Stam line 135
• 2.54% Inbreeding Coefficient

Sytse 385 x Teunis sport pref 332

Zytske is a full-papered mare out of our first-premie ster mare, Godiva. Godiva is out of Titia M., a three-time first-premie Ster mare, and the approved stallion Teunis 332. 

Zytske was the third top ranking mare at the 2014 keur! She has unbelievable movement. She is brazen and bold - independent and ready to take on the world. She is a girl with an incredible work ethic and more than a bit of attitude. She is ready to take on the world! Watch for more from Zytske.

Zytske, Wanderer of Starlit Ridge


Videos of Zytske

(Sytse 385 x Wybren 464)

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